Warrior of Fate

Tor Books
October 20, 2015
ISBN: 978-0765376152

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Award-winning author Debra Mullins introduced readers to the world of the Truthseers in PRODIGAL SON and HEART OF STONE. Now the story of the lost Atlanteans continues in WARRIOR OF FATE.

Warrior Adrian Gray has dedicated his life in service to his people, and has never doubted his calling...until now. Three mystical Atlantean power stones were assumed lost for centuries, but one by one the Seers of Atlantis have tracked them down in a tireless race against the extremist Mendukati. Adrian's mission? To ensure that the stones are acquired and protected by the right people--"his" people.

Adrian has always been uncompromising in his dedication to the cause. But the True Seer Tessa Montana proves a sensual distraction in his quest, and he soon finds his discipline wavering. Torn between his sacred duty to the Warriors and his desire for Tessa, will Adrian and his secrets cost them the war?


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"Mullins continues her tradition of solid storytelling about the world of Atlantean descendants in the third Truthseers paranormal romance...trademark action and superb world-building..." - Publisher's Weekly

"Gifted writer Mullins excels in immersing readers in an alternate world filled with complex and passionate characters whose motives and loyalties are being tested." - RT Book Reviews

"romance with action!... This is a great new story for this series and shouldn’t be missed." - Night Owl reviews


Excerpt from Warrior of Fate

The rumble of Adrian’s smooth baritone had her slowing. She strained to her ears to hear what he was saying, but couldn’t make anything out. Then she realized he wasn’t speaking English.

He gave a growl, and a small beep indicated he’d disconnected the call. She peered around the corner of the doorway and saw him standing with his back to her. He shoved his phone in his pocket and stood there, hands on his hips and head bowed. She could practically see the tension in his muscled back and shoulders, and yes, maybe she did allow her gaze to linger over his very fine butt—just for a second—before she pulled her attention back to business. What was eating him? Was he having trouble with those mysterious bosses of his?

“You going to come in, princess, or just keep staring at me?”

His voice made her jump, and a quick, panicked glance told her he hadn’t turned around. But since he knew she was there anyway…  She walked into the living room, head held high. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. You seem…tense.”

He glanced at her over his shoulder. “I’ve got things on my mind.”

“I see that.” She came around so she stood in front of him. “Those secrets of yours starting to weigh you down?”

“You don’t like secrets.”

“No, I don’t. And I don’t trust people who keep them.”

“Says the girl who can read the thoughts of every human for miles.”

“Exactly. Humans, not Atlanteans. I like to know what’s going on. Who to trust. And who might betray me.”

He took a step toward her—lean, mean, competent male. Everything about him reeked of masculinity and power. No matter what the problem, Adrian Gray could take care of it, from a leaky faucet to an armed intruder to the fact that you hadn’t had sex in way too long. He would handle whatever it was and do it right.

For some reason she found that ridiculously attractive.

“You think I’m going to betray you?” he whispered.

She took a step backward—away from his potent aura, where she could breathe again. “I think you’ve got your own agenda.”

“That so?”

“Yes.” He took another step closer, and she was proud of herself for not retreating this time. Instead, she held her ground. “I think you’ll help us as long as our agenda goes along with yours. But the second our goals diverge, you’ll put your own interests first. Or at least the ones of the people you work for.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing you can’t read my mind right now.” He laid his fingers against her neck, so gently she almost thought she imagined it. “Your pulse is racing. Mine, too.” He slid his fingertips beneath her chin, tilting her head up.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The shaky whisper that left her lips fell far from the sharp demand she’d intended.

“Haven’t you felt it, Tessa? The pull between us, since the first day we met?”

“I’ve felt the irritation of your ego.” She’d intended a zinger, but the words held no heat. What was wrong with her? A relationship…an affair...hell, a stolen kiss with this man would be the height of insanity. Especially now, with this war. With enemies everywhere.

And why was she even imagining what his kiss would taste like?

“There’s something, all right, even if you don’t want to admit it.” He glanced at her mouth, his dark eyes intense. “Have you ever thought about what would happen if we allowed it to take us?”

Her heart cartwheeled in her chest, and all logical thought evaporated from her brain as he bent toward her. If any ordinary man had made such an outrageous declaration, she would have served him his own liver for lunch. But Adrian Gray was no ordinary man.

 His breath swept across her lips. Her insides melted, her knees quivering. He never took his gaze from hers, his dark, dark eyes holding so many secrets, but so many promises, too.

She wanted him to keep those promises. Every sinful one.

His phone beeped. He closed his eyes and sighed, then opened them again. “Another time, princess.”

He dropped his hand and was gone, leaving her shaking.

Damn him. Her face heated, and she closed her eyes. Why, oh why, did her body betray her every time Adrian Gray was anywhere near her?

What was wrong with her? She knew that she couldn’t trust anyone she couldn’t read, especially men. Hadn’t she learned her lesson all those years ago, with Luke?

She opened her eyes and sucked in a long, trembling breath. This had to stop. Luke’s betrayal had been bad enough, and yes, she had been young and naïve back then. But now, with this war going on, the stakes literally were life and death. She couldn’t afford to trust the wrong person, especially someone who made her good sense evaporate like water on hot coals. She should be stronger now, more savvy about secrets and hidden allegiances. She should be vigilant about possible betrayals. She should have learned her lesson.

Her family’s lives depended on it.

She headed back to the dining room, fists clenched and spine straight. Something was wrong with Adrian, and he was just using her attraction to him to throw her off balance. And had succeeded, she acknowledged.

For now.


Copyright © 2015 Debra Mullins
All rights reserved

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